Please complete the employee application and send it with your resume to:

Soaring Eagle Academy
800 Parkview Blvd Lombard, IL 60148

No phone calls please.


Job Description


Soaring Eagle Academy an ISBE approved therapeutic day school in Lombard IL is seeking a full/part time OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST (OTR/L) starting immediately. The Academy was founded by three Speech Language Pathologists with an accumulation of over 80 years serving children and families with Autism and other related disorders. The academic and social programming is developed, expanded and supported by the SEA Leadership Team comprised of these three founders, a DIR(r) Expert Clinician/Occupational Therapist and SEA Program Director. We utilize a developmental language approach implementing DIR Floortime principles to understanding and supporting students’ social and academic development. This is a unique opportunity to work with support staff, teachers and teacher assistants who understand developmental language and sensory processing strategies and how they impact children with autism. We believe that the “behaviors” others see as impacting education for these students are a result of their lack of comprehension, inability to communicate, and their inability to process sensory information from their environment. With appropriate language based strategies and emotional and sensory supports, our students are blossoming. Join our team! Our occupational therapists have a central role in the support of our students.


Licensed by the Department of Federal Regulations, Experience with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Willingness to gain knowledge and participate in direct coaching/training in DIR Floortime and developmental language methodology, Strong foundation and knowledge in sensory processing disorders, regulation and modulation.

Terms of Employment

Immediate (Students are in attendance for 220 school days, 181 regular days and 39 summer session days). Full time staff employed 52 weeks of the year with 6 weeks off for non-student attendance.


OTR/L  salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.


Eligible for medical and ancillary benefits for full time position. Benefits can include medical, dental and vision, with SEA contributing a generous portion of the total cost. Short term and long term disability insurance and a life insurance benefit are offered at no cost. 403B participation is offered. 12 paid sick/personal days to be utilized by employee. Work in an environment with state of the art equipment.  $250 annual stipend for continuing education. Work in an environment with state of the art equipment.


*Soaring Eagle Academy is a specialized therapeutic day school serving children and young adults diagnosed with Autism and other related disorders, that present with complex regulatory, communication, emotional and learning challenges, within a fast paced, student and family- centered, highly relational and collaborative environment.


  • Must have an Illinois State Board of Education Paraprofessional License or meet the current ISBE requirements for certificate/license as a paraprofessional (teacher assistant) that requires 60 hours of college credit or willing to pass ETS Work Keys Paraprofessional test, or hold a valid teaching certificate.
  • Experience with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or individuals with special needs or interested in gaining knowledge and participate in direct coaching and training Developmental Language Models and DIR ® Floortime methodology.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with special needs children and their families.
  • Willingness to gain knowledge and participate in direct coaching/training in DIR® Methodology and Developmental Language Model, applying and implementing strategies gained.
  • Willingness to gain knowledge and familiarity in the use of classroom educational materials, toys, assistive technology, and sensory equipment.
  • Ability to work with children demonstrating patience, kindness and compassion.
  • Appreciate and respect each child’s challenges and accomplishments.
  • Openness to others points of view.
  • Willingness to accept and request direction/guidance and suggestions from others and apply/implement those suggestions in your work with your student.
  • Ability to modulate and demonstrate affect appropriate to the situation to facilitate learning.
  • Proper professional well groomed demeanor.


  • Take direction and coaching from classroom teacher, therapists and expert clinicians and apply/implement suggestions and strategies.
  • Act as the student’s one on one player, facilitating and supporting capacities for shared attention, regulation, engagement, ideation, problem solving and thinking.
  • Attune and respond to the student’s intentions providing meaning to their actions.
  • Build a relationship with your student, always working to expand the relationship, critical for supporting the student’s ability to be engaged and available for learning throughout the day.
  • Support and facilitate student capacities for language development, comprehension and communication, including using appropriate language levels according to your student’s profile.
  • Recognize student’s interests and follow the student’s lead to engage in interactions allowing for elaboration and challenge of the student’s capacities
  • Support individual and small group social and educational activities under direction of the classroom teacher.
  • Support student in academic groups and station work following the direction of the classroom teacher and curriculum program assistant.
  • Assist and facilitate student directed play, interaction, and classroom work to sustain interactions, problem solving and learning.
  • Acknowledge and reflect on student’s feelings and behavior in a caring and respectful manner.
  • Provide individual Floortime (the heart of the DIR® Model) as directed by the Teacher, DIR® Program assistant, DIR® Specialist or Expert Clinicians, consistently embedded throughout the student’s day.
  • Be ready and willing to take on daily assignments as requested by professionals on the team.
  • Initiate and implement a student’s sensory diet when needed as dictated by the student’s team of professionals.
  • Assist with arrival and departure of students.
  • Collect and report data regarding the student’s daily skills and functioning when appropriate
  • Complete a daily communication sheet for your student to facilitate communication between home and school.
  • Act and respond to each student’s behavior according to the strategies developed in the student’s Individualized Regulatory Support Plan.
  • Assist your student with his/her physical needs (including self-help, hygiene, feeding/eating, toileting) when needed in accordance to Privacy and Dignity Policy.
  • Seek guidance and support from teacher, support staff and supervisory staff when needed.
  • Maintain the daily supply of materials needed for work in the classroom.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly environment.
  • Assist students during the lunch period.
  • Will express and report difficult situations and concerns to the teacher in a timely manner.
  • Will participate in scheduled weekly meetings with the classroom teacher as needed.
  • Attend weekly Pod meeting as requested

Staff Training

  • Participate in specific training related to use of developmental language models within DIR® Floortime methodology, academic curriculum, and documentation procedures.
  • Participate in specific training related to the facilities policy and procedures regarding student privacy and dignity, disposal of hazardous waste material, procedures for preventing the transmission of blood-born pathogens, the use of non-violent crisis intervention procedures and the administration of medication.


Hourly rate $15.00 to $17.00 per hour based on level of education completed for 6.5 hours day, 32.5 hours per week, for a 44 week year including regular school year and summer session. Full Regular full time position is eligible for medical and ancillary benefits. Benefits can include medical, dental and vision, with SEA contributing a portion of the total cost. Short-term disability insurance and a life insurance benefit are offered at no cost. Paid sick and personal days to be utilized by employee. 403B participation is offered. Temporary (called on an as needed basis) substitute position is not eligible for benefits.

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