Initial Contact

Districts and parents should contact Soaring Eagle Academy for a description of classroom availability to determine if their student’s age and ability is a match. If it is determined that SEA may have an appropriate classroom available for the student, then districts are asked to send a formal referral packet including a copy of the student’s most recent IEP. Interested parents and those seeking private pay placement will be able to schedule a formal tour of the facility.

Admissions/Intake Process

After the referral packet has been received, the SEA intake coordinator reviews the paperwork to determine initial approval to continue with the admissions process.  The school district is notified regarding SEA’s approval and the family is asked to schedule a formal visit at our school.  Once the family has visited the school, the placing school district notifies SEA of their continued interest and the admissions/intake process begins.  An observation at the current educational placement is then requested and a visit at SEA is scheduled.  Parents are asked to schedule a time to meet with a DIR® Expert Clinician and student’s classroom team to discuss our school philosophy and parent commitment to the methodology.  A parent interview is also conducted with the student’s team. 

Application Process

After the SEA team has determined that SEA may be an appropriate placement for the student, the placing school district is notified and the parents are requested to submit a formal application. Parents should complete the student application and other SEA admissions forms as well as other pertinent educational, medical, speech/language, occupational, mental health reports from the previous two years.

A visit is scheduled for the parents and child prior to enrollment.

IEP Meeting for Change in Placement

When it is determined that SEA is an appropriate placement for a student by the placing district and SEA, the district will hold an IEP to note a change in educational placement to SEA. This meeting is conducted at the home school or at SEA, depending on the district. SEA may or may not be requested to attend.

IEP Meeting for Review of Goals

An IEP review meeting is held 30 days after a student begins at SEA, to update the student’s goals appropriate to the placement. At this time, related therapy service minutes will be finalized for the school year. There will be opportunity for parents to share strengths and weaknesses as well as concerns for educational programming. Also, information regarding the child’s profile, environmental modifications and all other educational modifications will be listed in the accommodations section of the IEP. An individualized regulatory support plan will also be created.

Wait List

Children who are not offered immediate placement at Soaring Eagle Academy (most likely due to availability) will remain on our active wait list for one year. After this, parents or districts can renew their wait list status through additional intake procedures.


Only children who are on the active waiting list are considered when the appropriate opening becomes available.

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