Fun Run

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Last year we held our first ever Fun Run for our students and it was a blast! Leading up to race day all the students ran or walked laps around our building in preparation. Along with running and walking outside students were shown videos of various races as well as talking about why we exercise and why it’s important. This has been a great way to teach our students about health, exercise, friendly competition, and peer to peer encouragement. 

We are inviting everyone to come out and help us cheer on our students as they cross the finish line this year! Our students will be running laps around our building with the finish line by our main entrance door. Each student has set a personal goal for themselves that they are trying to reach, whether it be completing one full lap without stopping or making it outside with the rest of their peers. Our goal is to promote health and exercise and help our students experience real life events in a safe and supported environment. 

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