Academic Learning



Concept “Dirty” in Primary Classroom
The small primary group literacy activity explores the concept for the week “dirty” from the book Mrs. Wishy-Washy. Staff facilitate each students attunement and communication with their peers in naturally occurring exchanges. Supports are provided through use of affect, gestures and allowing a natural unfolding of the interaction.


Stellaluna Novel Study in Intermediate Classroom
Intermediate students are sharing the novel Stellaluna during a literacy group.   Staff is supporting students in connecting and comprehending the story and then connecting the stories actions to their own experiences.  Additionally, staff use their own experiences to connect the book to real life.  Through staff support, students begin to share their own life experiences, parent responses and emotions.   Support is provided to each student based on their comprehension level and emotional thinking.”


Literacy-Phonemic Awareness in Primary Classroom.
The student is working with staff to develop phonemic awareness capacities. While using pictures of various items, he easily could distinguish between 3 sounds. In order to make this activity more meaningful and to ensure learning that was not memorized, staff playfully used photos of school staff to further support distinguishing between sounds.


Literacy Concept Group in Primary Classroom
Primary teacher, Cristalle, leads a small concept group during literacy. Students are exploring the book Mouse Paint with an emphasis on the concept of “paint” for the week. Activities are varied across the week to support experiences in order to build strong conceptual understanding. Students in groups are encouraged to share attention with the activity, their adult partners and their peers.

Intermediate Math Activity
An intermediate student and his DIR(r) Specialist Katie working together in a math activity targeting different ways to make the quantity 9. Therapeutic putty is incorporated to support his tactile system.   The staff member’s use of positive affect to match his affect supported sustained engagement and attunement in the learning experience.  The importance of the relationship and the resulting joy in being together is evident.

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