Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Overview

Soaring Eagle Academy is a unique school for students with disorders in relating and communicating. The founders, all speech and language pathologists, have a collective experience of 67 years working with children with language disorders. Developmental Language Models have been central in their assessment and intervention of children with disorders in language. Their therapeutic intervention has been built upon the tenets of Developmental Language Models and this experience has provided the framework for Soaring Eagle Academy.

In addition, the founders have had extensive experience in the theory and application of DIR®. They have found that the conceptualization of DIR® has been a supportive addition to Developmental Language Models when working with students on the Autism spectrum or with students with disorders in relating and communicating.

The natural integration of contemporary Developmental Language Models and the DIR® (Developmental, Individualized and Relationship-Based) model can help us in our assessment and intervention for children with language delays and disorders of relating and communicating, and is reflected in our curriculum.

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