Soaring Eagle Academy

Daily Schedule

Students have an individualized schedule that supports their developmental levels, therapeutic goals and natural interests. Students participate in core academic subject areas of literacy, math, science, social studies, and social emotional learning curriculum on a daily basis, presented in a meaningful and dynamic manner that is related to their individual profile.

Students receive speech language therapy, occupational therapy and social work/counseling based on their IEP needs. Theoretical thinking from each of these related services are deeply rooted within SEA curriculum, activities and interactions. Students may participate in the fine arts (music & art), vocational/life skills, and P.E. as part of their therapeutic plan.

Daily Schedule Activities (Description of Daily Activities)

Gathering Time – Group-based engagement related to welcoming peers to school, doing calendar and weather-related activities, making announcements for the day and taking attendance. Students are encouraged to interact and initiate ideas with staff and peers. Yoga, rhythmic movement and calming music are offered as a calm, grounding transition to start the day.

Small Group Academics – Dynamic and multi-sensory, teacher-directed lessons are based on current curriculum, themes and individual student developmental levels. Goals are established through the IEP process and include literacy, math, science and social studies.

Individual Floortime – Floortime® principles are facilitated by SEA staff and embedded throughout a student’s school day during natural interactions with staff and peers. Individualized for each student to address program goals that may include regulation, mutual engagement, language and communication, problem solving, symbolic play, abstract and critical thinking opportunities, motor planning, peer interactions and expression of ideation.

Related Therapy Services – Students receive related services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and/or social work/counseling based on their IEP needs. Therapy services may be provided one on one within the therapy room and/or as one-on-one support within the learning environment during a classroom activity or experience. Students are also supported by the DIR® specialist, facilitating work in developmental goal areas and the social emotional curriculum.

Individual Academics – Students work one on one with their teacher assistant and/or their teacher, with additional support from program assistants and related services therapists. They are engaged in individualized teacher-generated lessons based on current curriculum, theme and student developmental levels and interests for individual IEP goal areas of literacy, math, science and social studies.

Lunch – Students bring lunch from home. Peer interactions are facilitated by SEA staff during lunch. Self-help and daily living skills are promoted for independence. Snack time opportunities are offered to students throughout their day.

Recess/Small Group Play  Peer play and interaction is facilitated by SEA staff during indoor and/or outdoor activities and clubs. Clubs are developed as students express interest and want to explore an activity more including dance club, drama club, science club, computer club, cooking club, Sesame Street club, bubbles club, board games club, karate/sports club and more as interests expand.

Peer Social Groups – Students are matched in small groups according to individual profiles and natural interests, supported by staff to facilitate peer interaction and friendships. Some groups are led by SEA high school students, currently including karate and board games, offering the opportunity to practice leadership skills/mentoring of younger students, building a sense of competence and contribution to their school community.

Fine Arts (Music & Art) – Students participate in small group experiences tailored to their individual needs and interests in the areas of music and art with the support of their teacher assistant.

Sports Groups and P.E. – Students participate in small group activities, facilitated by SEA staff and P.E. Teacher, supporting sensory processing, motor planning, sports skill development and team cooperation.

Vocational Work/ Jobs – Students are supported to choose and perform jobs within the school environment, to build a sense of ownership and competence, by giving back to their school community. Jobs are offered based on each student’s developmental level, individual profile and natural interests.

High School Vocational/Life Skills Work – High school and Transition students are supported by their classroom team in working on skills for employment, finances and money, independent living, social relationship building, recreation and leisure, health and hygiene, safety knowledge, self advocacy, future planning and community participation, that is driven by students’ interests, developmental levels and individual profile, within all school day experiences.  A variety of volunteer/paid employment and recreation and leisure opportunities are offered to students on site and within the community.

Gathering Time – Group engagement opportunity for students to come together to summarize their activities of the day, review the calendar and say goodbye to peers and staff. Group yoga, rhythmic movement and calming music are offered to support a calm transition home.