We’ve recently partnered with a program called the RoundUp App that allows you to “round up” the change from your debit or credit card purchases and donate it to us monthly.

So for example, if you were to spend $5.50 at a store, it would be rounded up to $6.00 and the $0.50 difference would be donated to us. There is also an option to set a monthly giving cap, so even if you already contribute financially in other ways, you can still join RoundUp and set a limit that you are comfortable with. We would be honored if you would commit to give in this way as it provides another way for us to continue our cause of providing our students with an amazing academic and social learning environment.

You can download the app for iPhone, Android or create an account on the Web. Don’t forget to choose Soaring Eagle Academy as your charitable organization.


Round Up & Donate Your Change


iPhone : Android : Web


Thank you so much for your support!




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